did anyone ever read the other historical truths?


I’ve been making earrings lately and people seemed pretty interested in them so I’m doing a giveaway of custom-made earrings!

This means that if you want earrings of the samulet, then I can make those for you! And you can cry when you look in the mirror at them!

They’re pretty small, only about the size of my thumbnail so they’re not very heavy and the actual silver earring bit is new and I clean them before and after putting the charm on them so they’re very clean!

Three people will win but if the post gets really successful (maybe over 500 notes or so?) I will choose a few more winners!

First place:

  • TWO pairs of custom earrings


  • TWO pairs of Night Vale Earrings, or Gravity Falls earrings that I have pictured above

YOU CAN MIX AND MATCH IF YOU WANT TO (like if you wanted one pair of custom earrings, but also wanted Welcome to Night Vale earrings you would be able to do that)

Second and Third place:

  • ONE pair of custom earrings


  • ONE pair of the Night Vale Earrings, or Gravity Falls earrings that I have pictured above


  1. You have to have your ask open so that I can tell you that you have won! Also so that I can find out what kind of earrings you want!
  2. You have to let me have your address so I can post them to you I promise I won’t stalk you I’m too fucking lazy for that
  3. You don’t have to be following me but I may be opening an etsy store to sell these earrings so if you don’t win I will post a link on my blog to where you can buy them!
  4. Reblogs and Likes count
  6. I will ship internationally!

It ends on the 10th of October, about a month from now! If you have any questions about this my ask is here!

even though they arent in a triangle, don’t those look like bill’s eye or is it just me? (both caps from carpet diem)

someone may have already found this but yeah i was rewatching carpet diem and theres another bill in the A of mystery shack

i feel like theres a karate joke here somehow

another interesting pause

i pause at such weird times omg


Okay. So I decided it’s not very responsible to do a very large giveaway while unemployed so my 300 followers giveaway is going to be a bit small.

Rules (aka How to win!)

  1. Reblogs only!
  2. You can reblog up to 3 times though honestly I won’t really notice I bet but just be nice to your followers
  3. You do not have to be following me (I’m a loser)
  4. I will ship to anywhere on earth (sorry ISS staff)
  5. Must have ask box open to win!

The Prize (aka What you win)

  1. There will be only TWO winners this time
  2. Each winner will get two of each of the stickers in the above picture, trimmed down. These are printed from my RedBubble shop and are fairly high quality. (american quarters for size reference)
  3. Each winner will ALSO GET a custom sticker design by me which will be printed on my Ink Jet printer and cut out by hand by me. You’ll probably get, idk, 5-6 of them. This custom sticker can be any fandom you want and may become available on Redbubble in the future depending.

This giveaway will go from NOW to September 9th (because 9/9) at around 5pm EST.

My ask box is always open for questions, comments, funny stories about your cat.

Thanks! Good luck! And thanks to all 308 of my beautiful followers even those spam accounts about car insurance you guys should definitely model I mean have you seen your cheekbones? Brilliant.

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